ABK Player Quickstart

At the moment instantiating ABK Player will simply return an instance of the Bitmovin Player. Bitmovin Web SDK API Reference v8

Include the player script tag in the head of your project's HTML doc.

<script type="text/javascript" src="player-assets.mlg/v1/something.js"></script>

Create a div for your player with a unique id.

<div id="player"></div>

Do stuff with the player.

// Instantiate the player by passing in player container (required), and config (optional).
var container = document.getElementById('player');
var config = {
    playback: {
        autoplay: true,
        mute: true

var player = ABKMediaPlayer.loadPlayer(container, config);

// Subscribe to events.
player.on(ABKMediaPlayer.Events.Playing, function(event) {

// Load source.
var src = {
    title: 'Vancouver Titans are Overwatch League Stage One Champions',
    description: 'Despite not leading at all in this series, the Vancouver Titans manage to take the Championship in Game Seven!',
    hls: 'https:////mlgmsod-pipeline.akamaized.net/media/production/delivery/17/24/1724dee1-13b4-418c-bf9f-6b5650ec19ad/T87skxG5gsv.JKhrqGU6sXsU.en-US.53e71bb8-cc0e-4594-a482-1b90ae396591.15534692608784b8f451e-7a7e-336d-7672-c4d37016636d.m3u8',
    poster: 'https://s3.amazonaws.com/mlg-profile-production/forge/9a41bf9e-a08b-4cc0-9431-747053f9c9d9-1920x1079?v=1553469424'